I have been working in the insurance industry for many years within insurance brokerages and insurance companies acting as a loss adjuster. Although now based in southern part of the UK, I was for a period of time fortunate to work for a highly professional firm of loss assessors in Leeds, Yorkshire.

The kindly Yorkshire folk introduced me to the delights of Yorkshire puddings and I delighted in helping them in their battles against insurance companies to get fair settlements against the claims they had to make for fire, theft and flood damage to their properties through no fault of their own. When it comes to insurance claims, I am on the side of the ordinary person who does not have the knowledge, skills or aptitude to skillfully negotiate claims in their favour! 




Mike Phillips

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02/08/2016 18:59
Documentation, paperwork, paperwork. Insurance businesses require a great deal of documentation prior to they offer to settle a case. This documentation may be in the kind of witness declarations, mishap reports, other insurance policies, and medical records and costs. It is necessary to understand the process utilized by adjusters to evaluate cases if your goal is to settle the case. Without...

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If you like working with people and want to be part of a fast-moving industry, then insurance could be for you. For graduates, a vast range of career opportunities are available and waiting for them in the sector, where they can apply the skills and knowledge that they have gained from their degree.

The UK insurance industry is the third-largest in the world and employs around 290,000 people. It’s an essential part of the UK’s economic strength, managing investments accounting for 26% of the UK’s net worth and contributing £10.4 billion in taxes.*

A vital industry

The insurance market covers a huge variety of risks, from cars and houses to ships, planes and satellites. Those working in the world’s trouble spots need kidnap and ransom cover, oil pipelines need terrorism cover and music promoters insure against the non-appearance of the leading act.

Insurance is increasingly necessary: events ranging from the school sports day to the Olympic Games could not take place without it. It has a global reach and not only underpins our own individual security but also enables big businesses to operate more freely.

Events such as floods, theft and fire can affect an individual too. Anyone with valued items, such as jewellery, a laptop or the general contents of their house may also require insurance. Individuals may also want to take out insurance to cover their health so that if they become ill, or die, there is a financial safety net for themselves or their family, along with retirement planning for when they get to an age when they will no longer be working.

Great opportunities

Whether you want to work for a major international firm or a regional specialist, there are opportunities for you to build a rewarding career. Find out about the salaries you could potentially earn as an insurance professional.

Insurance offers hard-working graduates a challenging, long-term career. It offers the opportunity to achieve valuable professional qualifications and play an influential role in one of the UK’s most significant industries.

*(Association of British Insurers, 2012

About Insurance Claims

As we know, we reside in a constantly changing nation; our federal governments frequently introduce new laws which mean businesses can act in a more entrepreneurial manner in order to reduce the number of people out of work. While this will be beneficial for our country's development, we will not be immune to unpredictable conditions which can negatively impact our growth like natural disasters, mishaps, economic crises, robbery or burglaries.

Such horrendous occurrences can put a straightjacket on our growth and business owners have to bear almost unbearable and numerous losses as a result! In such situations, the insurance business plays a role as a protective partner or as an excellent supportive ally. Insurance providers provide insurance policy plans and business owners will certainly protect their unexpected accidental losses through them.
At present, all most all companies are guaranteed since insured loss is much better than an uninsured loss. Whenever property insured by guarantee gets damaged, then insurance companies will certainly bear all loss and/or its associated restoration work also. You can discover lots of different insurance providers in the market, many of whom are specialising in a particular type of insurance plan. 
But the insurance coverage claim settlement process is not an easy job. This because it has numerous responsibilities within the law. That is why insurance providers employ loss adjusters. Loss adjusters make the physical examinations of damage for the insurance providers. 
The loss adjuster will certainly check the building for the damage and also if required, interview the people that are responsible for submitting a claim to an insurance company including any third party witnesses that might be able to aid their examination and reporting process.
Loss adjusters will handle sort of claims like damage to structures and items of property that have been damaged or stolen. They can also investigate liability claims which themselves arise from fires, theft, car accidents and other such incidents like flood damage. Loss adjusters deal with practically all liabilities that insurance providers are responsible for in the claim process. 
Insurance coverage claim procedures consist of numerous liabilities that are all discharged by loss adjusters. This includes:
- filing the claims documentation
- assessing property damage
- investigating the insurance provider's liabilities
- interacting with policyholders
- liaison with suppliers of restoration services on the claimant’s behalf
It is not unreasonable to state that a loss adjuster represents the insurance company's interests when they are dealing with a claimant. In almost all claims procedures, the loss adjuster is endeavouring to pay less money for your damages since they are insurance provider's contractor. In that circumstance, the claimant has right to hire solicitors or loss assessors for their claim settlement. 
Organisations who handle claims on behalf of insured parties are called loss assessors or client loss adjusters. They represent policy holder's and keep insurance companies in check and hold them to account in order to make reasonable claims settlement decisions. They defend their rights and secure monies against virtually all applicable policy clauses involved within a claim settlement.
With a loss assessors help, there is no need for you to settle your claim for less money. You really can get the right compensation that you should have according to your policy terms and conditions. The loss assessor needs to be paid a pre-agreed portion of the settlement for all the leg work and follow-ups done by them. But still you can enjoy a worry-free settlement process.